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Current actions

This timeline of actions is a brief summary of the many issues your CCA has been involved in over the years since its inception. Many hours of work are undertaken by the association's members, particularly the management committee, who give their time voluntarily to ensure the views and concerns of the community are highlighted with the appropriate state and local government representatives. 


  • Cooloola Great Walk (CGW) - CCA summarised the issues put forward by the community regarding the CGW and sent to Sandy Bolton for response. Update on the project (Aug 22) responding to all issues received by CCA  and published on the website along with documentation for discussion at the September general meeting. The latest update (Feb 2023) - as well as previous updates - are all available on Sandy Bolton's website. 

  • Noosa River Stakeholder Advisory Committee (NRSAC) and Noosa River Management Plan.  At a previous CCA general meeting, Amy Kimber from NSC mentioned that there would be consultation re the River Plan in December 2022.  Consultation went live on 7 December on the Queensland Government's Get Involved website

  • Sunshine Coast Airport Airspace Changes Runway 13/31 - Air Services Australia post implementation review - Two members of the CCA Management Committee attended the Sunshine Coast Airport Flight Path Changes Post Implementation Review Community Workshop held on 15 October 2022 - view a copy of the workshop presentation. More information on the Sunshine Coast Airport Airspace Changes Runway 13/31 is available on Airservices Australia's website.

  • Foreshore flood damage reinstatement - concerns for restoration discussed with NC Deputy Mayor, Frank Wilke. See letter from CCA to Frank Wilke [PDF 2.5MB] re concerns regarding a longer term foreshore restoration and stabilisation plan.  Council is processing submissions to the Queensland government for funds to restore the damage caused by flooding in the shire. Boreen Point foreshore is included in this submission. Post a meeting with Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie, council conducted some interim remedial works at the main beach, just in time for the LCSC’s Cat Challenge event. CCA MC sent a follow up letter to the Deputy Mayor [PDF 690KB] thanking him for his support and expressing the CAA’s interest in assisting council with the QLD Reconstruction Authority funded project and the longer-term plans for the lake’s foreshore.

  • CCA insurance renewal: After much discussion, research and deliberation, CCA insurance has been renewed through Consolidated Insurance Brokers with Zurich as per the Treasurer’s Report for $677.99. This is the same level of cover the association has always had, and MC believe it is appropriate given it's role is limited to being a conduit of information to relevant authorities.

  • Noosa Corporate Plan, Your Voice and Workshop on 13 Oct - The CCA secretary emailed the membership with the notice advertising the workshops. At least two MC members (Rob and John) attended two separate workshops. The Plan appears to be very broad in nature, broad vision and values setting and sits above council’s Strategic Plan. The draft Corporate Plan will be available for community feedback from  mid November for two weeks on the council’s Your Say Noosa website.


  • Cooloola Great Walk (CGW) - CCA summarised the issues put forward by the community regarding the CGW and sent to Sandy Bolton for response. 

  • Noosa River Stakeholders Advisory Committee (NRSAC) - assistance with MSQ changes to the moorings and vessel management in the Noosa River. 

    • ​CCA asked Amy Kimber from Noosa Council to address the membership re the River Plan and the NRSAC at the November meeting.

    • Key matters to be addressed in her briefing include:

      • risks associated with derelict vessels, moorings etc on the lake and upper river

      • risks to Boreen Point from vehicle and vessels associated with the CGW

      • council's progress with the River Plan.

  • Foreshore Restoration MC to advise Frank Wilkie from Noosa Council that there is a requirement for more than short-term, band aid attempts at restoring foreshore. Request for  NC to commit to a plan. Opportunity for a working group to help NC in the planning phase. Concerns re scouring of the foreshore, exposed tree roots and loss of sand from foreshore. NICA may still have a regenerative team. Suggest CCA approach NICA and Bush Care and work with them re foreshore regeneration. Could make use of the harvest mangrove pods process.

  • MSQ/NRSAC consultation and other matters: concerns raised regarding foiling and possible changes made to the lake. CCA to approach NRSAC rather than NRSAC only communicating with the sailing club, as majority of LCSC members are not residents of the area. RD stated he has Assurance from Shaun Walsh (NRSAC) that he will address CCA concerns. CCA to investigate having a representative on the NRSAC board.

  • Tree removal on Louis Bazzo Drive - removed by Department of Main Roads for safety compliance to horizontal offsets. CCA to liaise with Landcare and local community environment groups to discuss replanting.

  • Noosa Council community catchups dealt with remotely as a result of the Covid 19 restrictions 

  • Re-engaging the community and CCA with the Noosa Mayor and councillors post elections and delays caused by Covid 19.


  • The CCA continued to deal with the restrictions in carrying out its responsibilities during the Covid 19 pandemic, dealing with postponements of meetings, including meetings of the management committee.

  • ASA Maroochydore Airport flight path changes:

    • Having CCA recognised as a community to be considered in the Post Implementation Review

    • Terms of Reference reviews x 3 and submissions

    • Community engagement process x 2 submissions

  • Disaster Management Plan for Cootharaba - Coordination with Noosa Shire Council (NSC).

  • Set up and conduct meeting with Mayor Clare Stewart and councillors at GM February 2021.


  • Sealing of Teewah Road.

  • Research local issues for submission to the new Noosa Plan – short stay effect on rentals etc.

  • Sunshine Coast Airport new runway – Submission to AirServices Australia and registered to receive any updates regarding the second runway operation. (Refer AirServices Australia FAQs webpage)

  • Visits by both Tony Wellington and Sandy Bolton at February 2020 GM. Some of their topics:

    • Containers for Cash (Wine bottles)

    • Louis Bazzo Bridge

    • Cooloola Great Walk

    • Fish Task Force

    • River Management

    • Feedback from Fires Review

    • Library Bus ‘alternative’

    • Teewah Road sealing

  • Bushfires Nov 2018 - GM postponed due to threat, resources engaged with RFS.

  • Community concerns then focused on need for Disaster Management Plan.

    • The birth of our Disaster Management Planning focus.

  • Community Recreation Centre (CRC) update - Community survey results indicated reasonable support to continue assessment and review with Noosa Council.

  • Single entity/organisation - Ensure no competition with Pomona, research other groups’ learnings, uses and functions.

2013/14 - 2018/19

2008/09 - 2012/13

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