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  • Foreshore flood damage reinstatement
    Noosa Shire Council Project News Boreen Point Sand Replenishment (November 2023) [PDF] Read the Foreshore Working Group update (October 2023) [PDF] CCA Foreshore Working Group meeting minutes 26 September 2023 [PDF] Concerns for restoration were discussed with NC Deputy Mayor, Frank Wilke. See letter from CCA to Frank Wilke [PDF 2.5MB] outlining concerns regarding a longer-term foreshore restoration and stabilisation plan. Council is processing submissions to the Queensland government for funds to restore the damage caused by flooding in the shire. Boreen Point foreshore is included in this submission. Post a meeting with Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie, council conducted some interim remedial works at the main beach, just in time for the LCSC’s Cat Challenge event. CCA MC sent a follow up letter to the Deputy Mayor [PDF 690KB] thanking him for his support and expressing the CAA’s interest in assisting council with the QLD Reconstruction Authority funded project and the longer-term plans for the lake’s foreshore. CCA Foreshore Group meeting minutes 21 December 2022​ [PDF] Boreen Point Floods Powerpoint presentation [PDF 9MB] Julie Calvert from Noosa Shire Council (NSC) addressed the CCA general meeting in February 2023 and gave an insight into the planned Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) funded restoration works for our foreshores. There is up to $500k QRA funding for the works. However, the grant is still awaiting approval, so any of the interim works to date have been funded entirely out of NSC's budget. Julie recently informed us that until the grant is approved, she has no resources for more detailed discussion, including the on-site ‘walk around’ with the Foreshore Working Group and the engineers as promised in her address.
  • Noosa Corporate Plan
    Noosa Shire Council (NSC) is preparing their Corporate Plan 2023-2028, to provide the framework for decisions about policy, programs and resources. This plan is a requirement of the QLD Government, with a broad vision and values, and sits above and informs council's Strategic Plan. Your Voice and Workshop on 13 Oct 2022: The CCA secretary emailed the membership with the notice advertising the workshops. At least two MC members (Rob and John) attended two separate workshops. The plan appears to be very broad in nature, broad vision and values setting and sits above council’s Strategic Plan. The draft Corporate Plan was to be available for community feedback from mid November 2022 for two weeks on the council’s Your Say Noosa website. However, this was delayed until late January 2023. Despite two members of the MC attending the initial rounds of consultation last year, the draft was released in Feb/March 2023 and then closed late March without the MC knowing. Although this is very disappointing and possibly a missed opportunity, it illustrates how the internal processes of organisations aren’t infallible. The MC therefore urges those of you with any interest in matters like this to keep an eye on the following channels: NSC’s Your Say Noosa website for local government matters The Queensland Government's Get involved website for matters falling under the state’s jurisdiction Sandy Bolton’s website (our Independent Member for Noosa) for state matters directly related to Noosa.
  • Noosa River Catchment Management Plan
    The Cootharaba Community Association (CCA) provided the following feedback to Noosa Shire Council's Draft Noosa River Catchment Management Plan in September 2023: The Cootharaba Community Association (CCA) is largely supportive of the Noosa River Catchment Management Plan and its overall intent. However, the CCA Management Committee considers the timeframe given to stakeholders for consultation isn’t commensurate with the plan’s importance. Organisations such as CCA need time to seek concerted responses from their membership and considering this, we look forward to future participation in all matters relating to Boreen Point, Lake Cootharaba, the Upper Noosa River and the sections of the Noosa River between lakes Cootharaba and Cooroibah during the implementation of the plan. We note the reference in the management plan on pages 4 and 13 to “Onsite effluent disposal impacts from the lakeside village of Boreen Point and surrounds” being “an important management priority for the catchment”. The CCA members and the majority of the Boreen Point/Cootharaba community share an interest in an effective standard of effluent management and in particular look forward to participating in all related matters when review is undertaken. We have sent the Deputy Mayor’s Noosa Shire Update, including a link to the latest draft of the Noosa River Catchment Management Plan [PDF 10.9MB] to our membership for their information. The CCA is very appreciative of council’s continued endeavours in relation to improving management of the complex issues surrounding conservation of the natural, cultural and recreational values of our beautiful Noosa River, lakes and catchment.
  • Cooloola Great Walk (CGW)
    In 2022, the CCA MC summarised the issues put forward by the community regarding the CGW and sent them to Sandy Bolton for response. An update on the project responding to all issues submitted by CCA was published on Sandy Bolton's website in August 2022. The latest update (August 2023) as well as previous updates, are all available on Sandy Bolton's website. Sandy is currently running a survey (closes 8 September 2023) about the CGW. CCA members are encouraged to participate.
  • Future management options of the Noosa North Shore Landing Ground
    The Department of Environment and Science is seeking the community's input on the future tenure and management options of the Noosa North Shore Landing Ground for Aircraft Reserve, a unique and environmentally sensitive site surrounded by the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park. As it is a state matter within the Noosa electorate, this opportunity for community input is also on Sandy Bolton’s Noosa 360 webpage amongst other locally relevant issues.

Current actions

Many hours of work are undertaken by the association's members, particularly the management committee, who give their time voluntarily to ensure the views and concerns of the community are highlighted with the appropriate state and local government representatives.


Below is a list of issues the CCA is currently actioning. Click a topic to expand (or collapse). You can also read about past activities since the inception of the CCA in 2002.

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