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History of CCA activities (2002/03 - 2007/08)


  • Boreen Point Campground - In response to suggestions that council was planning to expand the campground, CCA pressed for a reduction in the number of campsites allowed on the foreshore. It offered to work with the caretaker to enhance conditions for flora and fauna.

  • Village Precinct Plan - Finalised plan thus moving closer to implementation.

  • Council amalgamation - Over a number of years, CCA had joined many others in protesting against planned local council reforms. Despite widespread opposition, in 2008 the shires of Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra merged to become the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

  • Noosa Council Fire Plan - The Association responded to council’s proposed fire plan, noting concern at omission of the area north of Boreen Point.

  • Lake Cootharaba Nitrogen Project 2007-2009 - Results from water quality testing in the Noosa River raised concerns about nutrient spikes in Lake Cootharaba. One suggestion was that septic outfalls from Boreen Point might be a cause. A comprehensive study was undertaken led by Noosa and District Landcare, in collaboration with:

    • Noosa Council

    • SEQ Catchments

    • University of the Sunshine Coast

    • Healthy Waterways.

  • Resident bore owners participated in the data collection. CCA helped ensure that local knowledge was incorporated into the scientific investigation process. In 2009, the results showed that the spikes were more likely to be a natural process linked to changes in salinity and nutrient cycling between lake sediments and surface water, rather than septic outfalls.




  • Titanium Enterprises ‘The Edge Noosa’ proposal (cont.) - Although there was some support for the scheme’s potential to stimulate the local economy and provide employment, overall, it was opposed by the majority. Many believed it raised significant environmental concerns. CCA was just one of many groups and individuals who put forward views on the proposal. The proposal was ultimately rejected after the State Government intervened. This was a divisive issue that galvanised groups and individuals across the Noosa hinterland.

  • Boreen Point Village Precinct concept (cont.) - In January 2007, CCA was advised that Noosa Council was prepared to adopt a holistic approach to matters raised in the committee’s earlier submission. Council would provide opportunities for further input. In May, CCA provided feedback from residents on a range of issues including:

    • rationalisation of speed zones

    • improvements to town entry

    • installation of bollards on street side of Buffalo Park

    • camping ground exit, turning area, and improved access to trailer parking

    • upgrading of path from camping ground to Apollonian Hotel. 

  • Lake Flat Road - Following a community meeting organised by CCA, council informed residents that consideration was being given to sealing Lake Flat Road, as far as Kildeys Road. 



  • Titanium Enterprises ‘The Edge Noosa’ resort development proposal - CCA kept the community informed and canvassed views on a proposal to develop a large tourism resort east of Kin Kin on Dr Pages Road. The company had sought preliminary approval which over-rode the Noosa Planning Scheme and exceeded what was allowed under the SEQ Regional Plan. The proposal included:

    • an 18-hole golf course

    • equestrian facility

    • a 100-room hotel

    • 219 units

    • restaurants

    • conference facilities.

  • Tree planting on Lake Cootharaba foreshore - Following removal of unsafe trees at the main beach, council suggested they be replaced. This generated considerable community discussion about the type of trees that would be suitable. Melaleucas were planted.

  • Walking Trails - The notion of establishing walking trails around the foreshore ignited differing views across the community. Some people wanted Boreen Point to remain as natural and undeveloped as possible. Others could see potential health, economic and social benefits.


  • 1 Laguna Street Boreen Point residential/commercial development proposal (cont.) - Community views and a long list of concerns were submitted to council and ongoing changes to the application were monitored. Feedback from CCA and other local groups and individuals resulted in the retail proposal later being withdrawn.

  • Draft Noosa Plan - CCA reviewed the plan. It then called a special meeting to provide a forum for discussion of its contents. CCA then submitted feedback and recommendations on behalf of the community.

  • Foreshore Management Plan - CCA agreed with the view that existing mature exotic pines be retained until they die or until suitable replacements are established next to them.

  • Sport and Recreation Draft Plan - CCA supported upgrade of Buffalo Park to include a playground suitable for 2-5 year olds. CCA also noted the omission of planned skate facility for Boreen Point youth.

  • Local issues - CCA continued to monitor developments in relation to issues already put to council e.g. boat ramp and toilet facilities.

  • Council amalgamation - CCA alerted the community to the implications of the State Government’s proposed amalgamation of Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra councils into a larger Sunshine Coast Regional Council. In conjunction with Noosa Residents and Ratepayers Association, members manned election polling booths to help with an anti-amalgamation petition. The petition was signed by almost 80% of voters in the electorate.



  • Boat ramp - CCA asked council to repair the ramp which had a hole in it, broken edges and exposed steel and gravel. It had identified the need for a traction zone on the adjacent sandy beach to prevent erosion. Following an onsite meeting with CCA and others, council allocated funds to repair the ramp. Council undertook to deal with the traction zone at a later date.

  • Public amenities at boat ramp and day picnic area - CCA requested upgrade of toilets near the boat ramp. The toilets were unsightly, lacked adequate lighting and ventilation and were of concern to health and personal safety. It also urged replacement of the toilet block in the day picnic area. This facility was in such bad repair it had been closed to the public. Council committed to repair and maintain existing boat ramp facilities and installed two portable toilets in day picnic area. CCA requested a more satisfactory solution to both.

  • Boreen Point Village Precinct concept - In response to feedback from the community, CCA proposed that council develop a plan to preserve the atmosphere of Boreen Point.The Plan would foster a village culture through appropriate use of lighting, signage, traffic calming etc.

  • 1 Laguna Street Boreen Point residential/commercial development proposal - Following the sale of a large bock at the corner of Louis Bazzo Drive and Laguna Street, developers applied to subdivide it for housing and commercial purposes. The proposal was for a number of large residential blocks plus a shopping centre with general store and petrol service. CCA organised a number of meetings and distributed questionnaires to 432 properties (164 Boreen Pt, 268 rural Cootharaba) to gauge community opinion. Of 190 responses, 66% favoured development of residential blocks but 74% were opposed to the shopping centre.

  • Noosa River Management Plan - CCA responded to a last minute request from council for feedback on a draft of the Noosa River Management Plan. While the group supported the banning of jet skis on the river system and adoption of speed limits, it objected to:

  1. Introduction of a reticulated sewerage system with the requirement for a town water supply - Together these would encourage more widespread and intensive development. This would alter the character of the area

  2. Floating mobile pump-out facility for houseboats, to be moored off Boreen Point - Would be an eyesore and potentially hazardous should a malfunction occur

  3. Boat ramp at Dunn’s Beach - Unsuitable location given the shallowness of the water, lack of appropriate vehicle access and encroachment on the camping ground.


  • Shaping the organisation and building relationships.

  • CCA’s initial work focussed on:

    • clarifying its purpose and goals

    • setting up the organisational structure and processes

    • refining the constitution

    • building its profile

    • recruiting members

    • facilitating links with Noosa Council.

  • Survey of community concerns.

  • CCA then turned its attention to the issues raised by the questionnaire. These were whittled down to a short list for submission to council, as follows:

  1. Village precinct, including pedestrian and vehicle shared area with 40 km limit, lighting, signage, seating, public amenities, and other community assets

  2. oat ramp repair and traction zone

  3. Development of walking tracks

  4. Jet ski noise and safety issues

  5. Boats left on the beach

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