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History of CCA activities (2013/14 - 2018/19)


  • Seeking approval or feedback for the new Noosa Plan.

  • Questionnaire for Cootharaba Recreation Centre (CRC) following the 29 Nov meeting with Tony Wellington.

  • (State Member) Sandy Bolton attendance– last AGM.

  • Mayor (Tony Wellington), Noosa councillors (Frank Pardon, Ingrid Jackson and Brian Stockwell) at February GM this year.

  • Discovery Group denied access to Fish Habitat – long, drawn-out process.

  • Member’s attendances at Noosa Council (Brian Stockwell) – Environment Strategy – Focus Group workshops – Biodiversity, Waterways and Sustainable Living. Rhonda Killeen, Anne Gunn, Charlie Charlesworth and Robin Salmon all attended various days. More volunteers needed to attend and report back to meeting as executive members are not always available and the importance of CCA name being seen.)

  • Newly refurbished community notice board – thanks to Doug Straker (CCA & Bush Care) – costs absorbed by CCA along with generous donation from Robert Killeen).

  • General follow-ups throughout the year to Noosa Council:

    • trees dying and the use of the camping ground areas by campers

    • on-going quest for sealing of Tewah Street

    • upgrade of footpath/verge Lake Flat Road to Woongar

    • more regular mowing for safety of all walkers

    • vegetation queries  (new building allotments) etc.

  • Keith Pugh plaque installed.



  • Noosa Council continued to join us with representation at our meetings to listen to the communities concerns. Our last ‘Meet & Greet’ coincided with Remembrance Day, however, Brian Stockwell still managed to attend.

  • Continue to follow up on key issues with elected politicians on the Eco Camp Discovery proposal. Sandy Bolton can give us an update at the AGM.

  • Coal Seam Gas Lease concerns pursued, and Sandy Bolton provided feedback at the AGM.

  • Our major success was the incorporation of the CCA. This had been a very difficult thing to achieve over the past 15 years since this was first proposed.

  • Council approval to erect a plaque in salute to Keith Pugh for his tireless efforts to this community.


  • New signage regarding dogs along Dunne’s Beach and camping grounds.

  • Hatch’s Bight Gate.

  • Replacement of She-Oak on foreshore.

  • Pursuing the sealing of Etowah Street.

  • Duffield’s plaque repair.

  • Ex-Caretaker’s Hut sought for community use.

  • Collated factual information for the distribution to members and community regarding Application for the Change to Fish Habitat at Elanda Point.

  • Responded to the state on behalf of our membership with regards to the Discovery Group Application.

  • Keith Pugh’s Passing – 20 August 2016. Remembrance of Keith’s huge contribution to the CCA and this community generally.

  • CCA history prepared by Sylvia Banner and Angela Bryan dedicated to Keith Pugh.


  • Boat ramp upgrade – completed with better parking for cars and trailers without damaging the foreshore vegetation.

  • Changing of the Guard – secretarial role - settling in period for Di Elsworth.

  • History Project – Sylvia Bannah, Angela Bryan and Di Elsworth – Angela updated the meeting as to what Sylvia had achieved to date.



  • Tennis court and skate park - Noosa Council removed both for safety reasons and after consultation with CCA and others decided not to replace them but return the area to public green space.

  • Hatch’s Bight gate vandalised and lock removed.

  • CCA requested that Noosa Council install a more substantial gate and consider moving it further down the track and clearing a space to enable nose-in parking of several vehicles.

  • Mobile phone coverage - CCA drew council’s attention to mobile black spots in the Boreen Point-Cootharaba area, noting that as large sections have little or no coverage this presents serious problems for individuals and businesses, as well as for services such as the Rural Fire Brigade. Council proposed that Telcos be encouraged to use the National Broadband Network towers and asked CCA for a letter of support for commonwealth and state funding.

  • McKinnon Drive-Louis Bazzo Drive intersection - In response to safety concerns raised by CCA, the Department of Transport and Main Roads upgraded signage on the curved approach to the intersection.

  • Dogs questionnaire - After receiving a number of complaints regarding dogs in Boreen Point, Noosa Council requested that CCA ask the community a set series of questions and to advise them of the findings. The issue was controversial, aroused many emotionally charged responses and was time consuming for CCA members who ultimately had very little to show for their efforts.


  • Viewing platform - constructed with funds allocated by Bob Abbot at the end of his term as Mayor of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The viewing platform was formally opened on 11 October 2013 at a lakeside ceremony jointly convened by the council and CCA.

  • Roberts House - unfortunately efforts to secure Roberts House for the use of the community were unsuccessful.

  • Incorporation - The Roberts House matter prompted CCA to reconsider the option of incorporation. However, as had happened previously, the difficulty of mustering 75% of the widespread membership to vote to change the constitution meant the status quo was maintained.

  • Community questionnaire - Prior to local council elections, CCA conducted and collated the results of a survey of community concerns, for the enlightenment of potential candidates. Among the matters raised were services such as:

    • the Flexilink taxi

    • rubbish tip hours and reinstatement of the kerbside clean-up

    • impact of Kin Kin quarry

    • development issues such as zoning, and building heights and density.

  • Trial of ‘Dogs on Application’ at Boreen Point Campground - Following a decision by council to conduct a trial allowing campground clients to bring their dogs, Cootharaba residents raised environmental and social concerns. Local dog owners were confused about the differing sets of rules. CCA helped clarify the arrangements.

  • Helicopter noise - After ongoing complaints about helicopter noise and commercial use of Tewah Aircraft Landing Ground, the State Government identified alternative less-populated areas where the training exercises could take place.


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