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General Meeting Due Sat 14th August 2021

DATE CLAIMER - Family Fun Day with Jumping Castle, Face Painting, BBQ and loads of information for locals about 

'Preparing for an Emergency'

Saturday 5 June - 11am till 1pm Apollonian Hotel

Mark it on your calendar right NOW!

Family Fun Lunch organised by and funded through Noosa Council, Aust Govt and our local Disaster Management Group.


Prepare for emergency .... get all the info you need to keep safe direct from the Qld Emergency Services personnel.


The kids can have fun on jumping castle, face painting ….and live music.

See you at the Apollonian Hotel!


THANKS go to Di Elsworth! and the Cootharaba Community Assn Inc (CCA), Apollonian Social Club and Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club & Local Disaster Management Committee.

MEMBERSHIP DRIVE - Come and see us at the CCA stall at the Appo for the 'Emergency Info Community Fun Day" Sat 5th June.

We need a Secretary and a Treasurer to continue to go forward ' representing the community on matters that affect the community'.

All Volunteers are welcome.



Community Notice 2 June 2021

Boreen Point, Cootharaba, and surrounds!   Just why is this village & hinterland …… a lovely place to live? 


Besides being the small and only settlement nestled safely into the western side of Lake Cootharaba, Boreen Point forms the heart of this hinterland community of people who make this place what it is. 


You are part of a very special locality that has lots of pride in itself.

We have a beautiful lake with a many varied water-sports scene. Musicians, visual artists, writers and other creatives find inspiration and belonging here.

Our rural hinterland area is a protected rural environment with amazing farmland, walking tracks, lovely scenery and protected land for the wildlife and the environment.  WE LOVE IT THIS WAY!



We deeply value what we have here, and we are all part of making it what we have here. WE WANT IT THIS WAY!


But it’s not by sheer good luck that the village and surrounds is like it is today.

The community has made it so.  WE NEED TO KEEP IT THIS WAY!


How has such a small community been able to unite and protect what the majority feel are important issues for us all and to have achieved so much influence in matters that affect our community?


Let me tell you how.


This strong community has a strong voice in the Cootharaba Community Association Inc.

The CCA is the voice of the community made loud and keeps its members fully informed.

It’s not just a small group deciding what everyone should want.

CCA also seeks out the concerns and desires of the entire community especially when big issues arise.

We lobby and work with Noosa Council or State Government to protect or provide.

If something threatens the lifestyle we value, we can rally at speed.

We keep ourselves and each other informed. There are always issues to address, big and small.

CCA is everyone and most importantly, it is YOU!


If you are looking to make a positive difference to the community we all value, step on up and volunteer to help share the load. Be inspired to help and be part of this strong voice and join up to become a member. Join our Management Committee, or a working committee or simply help out when you can.

Please let us know if you can help.


CCA welcomes YOU. Membership fees are a $5 one off joining fee, and $20 per person annually.


Our history & timeline listing all the CCA achievements from 2002 to the present can be found on our website. Visit www.cootharabaca.org.au


Presidents Address To Members - 26th May 2021





In my previous letter 24th April 2021 to the CCA Membership, I advised that the Management Committee had decided that the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 8 May was to be deferred, and 76th General Meeting would take place. 


Firstly, I take this opportunity to summarise the outcome of that General Meeting.


1.  I advised the Members present that both our Secretary and Treasurer had informed the Management Committee (MC) on 23rd April that they would not be standing for re-election hence leaving two critical vacancies on the Management Committee.  Both of these vacancies would be required to be filled at the next AGM in accordance with the CCA Constitution. Both Di & Rhonda plan to remain members of the CCA and contribute their ongoing support to the new Secretary, Treasurer and Management Committee, sharing their advice and experience, should they be required.

Members present sought some information about the roles on the Management committee and what was entailed.

A full description of the Roles & Responsibilities of all Management Committee positions are attached herewith from the CCA Constitution.

Further, Di & Rhonda have provided a ‘job description’ explaining their general tasks, also attached.


2.  No actual date to conduct the AGM could be determined until the following occurred:-

a.         All current members of CCA to be advised of the current situation;

b.         The broader Boreen Point/Cootharaba area be informed of the existence of the CCA and its activities to date by way of possible letter box drop. This would provide the residents the opportunity to recognise the achievements of the CCA over its past 20 years (History and Timeline of achievements will be provided and are attached also for your perusal).

c.         Canvass and welcome new memberships  and also canvas nominations for the Management Committee from the wider community which could be achieved at the same time.

Note: The latest date for the AGM is the 30th September 2021.


3. Advice that any existing financial member is eligible to nominate for Election. Any new membership application (interested in nominating for a vacancy on the Management Committee) could be processed in a timely manner.


4. Members are now asked to step up to fill the vacant roles and to also offer their opinion on ways to support the future of the CCA and the Management Committee. Some ideas proffered were Minute taker at meetings to assist Secretary; sub working groups for prominent issues e.g. conservation of fish habitat; Airservices new flight paths.


Management Committee (MC) Individual Roles Explained


  1. Secretary:

  1. Call Meetings. Issue Notices, Agenda and consult with the MC on relevant correspondence received as required.

  2. Keep accurate Minutes of each Meeting and have chairperson sign acceptance of accuracy.

  3. Send out and receive and keep copies of all correspondence and documents relating to the Association.

  4. Maintain the Register of members of the Association.

  5. Issue Annual Return for Office of Fair Trading

  6. Cheque or internet banking account signatory & Primary signatory for Common Seal.

  7. President:

  8. Chair the Meetings of the Association.

  9. Consult with Secretary regarding Meetings, Notices, Agendas

  10. Assist the Secretary with notes regarding matters raised in the Meetings.

  11. Cheque or internet banking account signatory.

  1. Vice President:

  1. Chair Meetings if the President is not available.

  2. Stand in for the President in supporting the Secretary per b.ii & b.iii above.

  3. Treasurer:

  4. Manage all funds and accounts for acceptance and approval of the MC

  5. Prepare and Report Accounts for each General Meeting; 4 per year.

  6. Prepare end of each Financial Year accounts (31 March);

  7. Manage income and property of the association solely in promoting the association’s objects and powers;

  8. Maintain Safe Custody of books, documents on behalf of the MC;

  9. Assist the Secretary by maintaining Membership Register and receiving all Membership applications and funds on behalf of the MC.

  10. Cheque or internet banking account signatory.


  1. Ordinary Member (MC):

  1. Undertake support role to the Secretary, President and Treasurer as agreed from time to time to reduce the work load on the other members of the MC.


Management Committee Additional Joint Roles


  1. Has the General Control and Management of the Affairs, Property and Funds of the Association. (cl 22)

  2. Has the Authority to interpret the meaning of the rules and any matter relating to the association on which the rules are silent (refer cl 22 and the Act). Also refer cl 22 (3) and (4).

  3. Attend Management Committee Meetings (cl.23) when called by the Secretary and at least once every 4 months. CCA MC meets at least prior to each GM, i.e. every 3 months.

  4. Consider, Accept or Reject application of New Members; cl 9

  5. Terminate Memberships; cl 10

  6. Ensure the position of Secretary is appointed at all times, per constitution; cl 15, 16

  7. Ensure List of Candidates is conspicuously posted 7 days before AGM; cl 19

  8. Appoint Subcommittees; cl 23 & make, amend or repeal By Laws;

  9. Secondary signatory for the Common Seal, cl 44.





EMAIL your response to cootharabaca@gmail.com


For more information VISIT our website http://www.cootharaba.org.au


We trust all this information (also see attachments –Di Letter; Rhonda Letter; History & Timeline) has reminded you of the work we have done and the importance of that community awareness and involvement in representation of our community at all levels of government.


With you in community spirit!

Rob Dessaix

CCA President & Life Member

Roles explained from Secretary - Di & Treasurer - Rhonda 


CCA History & Timeline


1 June 2021

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the draft Community Engagement Plan (CEP). The final CEP is now available following two rounds of community feedback and detailed consideration of submissions. 

ASA have also released a Review of Community Feedback on the Draft PIR CEP v0.2. View documents 




Motions need to be presented to the Secretary in writing at least 2 weeks before a meeting is held. If you wish to present a motion and have members vote on it, then please fill in the form attached.
Motions need to be presented in the appropriate format for voting. They essentially direct the Executive Committee to act on the outcomes of motions voted on at meetings by members. To vote you must be a financial member.
There is also "General Business" where any items of interest relevant to our community are raised for discussion. Anyone can raise a topic or item to discuss.

General Business

Items for general discussion can be raised by both members and residents in 'General Business' at the end of CCA meetings. Topics vary widely and may concern any matter that affects our community.
It is a good idea to advise the Secretary of any matter to be raised at least 2 weeks before a meeting so it can be included in the CCA newsletter and agenda. However, issues can be raised at the meeting itself if time permits.