The following timeline briefly documents the CCAs history. For a detailed history please contact the secretary to request a copy.

CCA Achievement History 2002 to 2021: Updated May 2021


Cootharaba Community Association Inc

Introduction & History

CCA’s Purpose

“to represent the community on matters that affect the community”


Cootharaba Community Association (CCA) is an incorporated association which provides the people of Boreen Point and surrounding areas with a voice on issues affecting their community.

CCA maintains strong lines of communication with Noosa Council and a network of organisations and special interest groups in the broader community. Its effectiveness is also strengthened by overlapping membership and close alignment with local groups such as Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club, Apollonian Social Club, Boreen Point Bushcare Group, Friends of Kinaba, and Boreen Point Rural Fire Brigade. CCA also works closely with state and federal government bodies when the need arises, including National Parks and Wildlife Service and Noosa community groups such as Noosa and District Landcare, and Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA).



Members, residents and others are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in discussion about issues of interest. Meetings are held quarterly with the dates for the following year being set at the Annual General Meeting.

A community notice board located on Boreen Pde in front of the LCSC is used to advertise the date, place and time of meetings. Members & local groups are also emailed.



CCA has two main classes of members

  • Ordinary members have full voting rights. Membership is open to individuals who own property or are on the electoral roll in the area, or who can satisfy the committee that they have a genuine interest in the welfare of the community and support the objects of the association.


Membership fees are currently $20 per year plus a once off joining fee of $5


  • Youth members have no voting rights but may speak at a General Meeting on matters before the Association. Eligibility includes being under 18 years of age, residing with an ordinary member, and supports the objects of the association. No fees apply.


Membership applications are considered by the Management Committee at the meeting following receipt of a signed application form and annual fee.


The Cootharaba Community Association (CCA) came into being in May 2002. It grew out of a meeting convened by the Noosa Council and held at the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club three months earlier. As part of a community consultation strategy, the Council was seeking to stimulate discussion and involve its citizens in planning and decision-making processes. Forty-six people attended and many ideas were put forward including the need for a group to represent the community. To that end, a steering committee of ten was formed and 11 March was set as the date for its first meeting. This group subsequently put together a draft constitution and distributed a questionnaire to determine the level of community support and the issues people felt needed to be addressed.

The inaugural meeting of the group that was to become CCA was held at the Sailing Club on 29 May 2002 with thirty-seven people attending. The proposed constitution was discussed at length, and after amendments were accepted the organisation came into being as a non-incorporated association whose aim was ‘to represent the Cootharaba Community on issues that affect the community’. Importantly, the meeting confirmed that the new body should act as a conduit for community opinion rather than lead on issues decided by the committee. Of the five alternative names put forward, Cootharaba Community Association was the unanimous choice. With CCA now in existence, the steering committee became defunct and two interim secretaries were selected to call the first meeting and accept nominations for seven management committee positions. 

On 9 July 2002, CCA held its first meeting at Roberts House, a small building bequeathed to the Anglican Church in 1967, which since then had acted as both a place of worship and an unofficial community hall. Members were updated on CCA’s financial position and developments since inauguration. The meeting then moved on to the main business which was to elect members of the Management Committee. John Butterworth became President, Tim Warren Vice President, Robert Dessaix Secretary, Jean Duffield Treasurer, and Ordinary Members, Dorothea Snell, Russell Tapp and Christine Taylor. Dates were set for four General Meetings for the following year and the process of organising indemnity insurance was set in train.

With the organisation formally established, CCA’s attention turned to the issues that had been raised by the initial questionnaire—twenty-six in all, ranging from street lighting (some wanted more, others less), signage, traffic calming, jet skis, boat ramp repairs, and toilet facilities, to walking trails, limits on development, recreational facilities for youth, and the need for a community hall. These were prioritised and a short list compiled for submission to Council.

Since 2002, CCA has focused attention on a wide range of issues. From its inception the group recognised not only the need to be guided by its members and the local community but also the importance of establishing productive lines of communication with elected representatives at all levels, particularly Noosa councillors. With only a small pool of potential members it has often been a challenge for CCA to achieve a quorum at meetings or replace retiring committee members. Given the diversity of the community it represents, on occasions its actions have sparked controversy or been seen by some to be divisive. In retrospect however, the timeline reveals that CCA has achieved much that has benefited Boreen Point and the Cootharaba community and importantly has established itself as a two-way conduit between locals and governing bodies with the power to effect change.
























Issues and timeline



  • Shaping the organisation and building relationships

CCA’s initial work focussed on clarifying its purpose and goals; setting up the organisational structure and processes; refining the constitution; building its profile and recruiting members; and facilitating links with Noosa Council.

  • Survey of community concerns

CCA then turned its attention to the issues raised by the questionnaire. These were whittled down to a short list for submission to Council, as follows:

  1. Village precinct, including pedestrian and vehicle shared area with 40 km limit, lighting, signage, seating, public amenities, and other community assets;

  2. Boat ramp repair and traction zone;

  3. Development of walking tracks;

  4. Jet ski noise and safety issues; and

  5. Boats left on the beach



  • Boat ramp
    CCA asked Council to repair the ramp which had a hole in it, broken edges and exposed steel and gravel, and identified the need for a traction zone on the adjacent sandy beach to prevent erosion. Following an onsite meeting with CCA and others, Council allocated funds to repair the ramp and undertook to deal with the traction zone at a later date.

  • Public amenities at boat ramp and day picnic area

CCA requested upgrade of toilets near the boat ramp as they were unsightly, lacked adequate lighting and ventilation and were of concern to health and personal safety. It also urged replacement of the toilet block in the day picnic area which was in such bad repair it had been closed to the public. Council committed to repair and maintain existing boat ramp facilities and installed two portable toilets in day picnic area. CCA requested a more satisfactory solution to both.

  • Boreen Point Village Precinct concept

In response to feedback from the community, CCA proposed that Council develop a plan to preserve the atmosphere of Boreen Point and foster a village culture through appropriate use of lighting, signage, traffic calming etc.

  • 1 Laguna Street Boreen Point residential/commercial development proposal

Following the sale of a large bock at the corner of Louis Bazzo Drive and Laguna Street, developers applied to subdivide it for housing and commercial purposes. The proposal was for a number of large residential blocks plus a shopping centre with general store and petrol service.CCA organised a number of meetings and distributed questionnaires to 432 properties (164 Boreen Pt, 268 rural Cootharaba) to gauge community opinion. Of 190 responses, 66% favoured development of residential blocks but 74% were opposed to the shopping centre.

  • Noosa River Management Plan

CCA responded to a last minute request from Council for feedback on a draft of the Noosa River Management Plan. While the group supported the banning of jet skis on the river system and adoption of speed limits, it objected to:

  1. Introduction of a reticulated sewerage system with the requirement for a town water supply—Together these would encourage more widespread and intensive development which would alter the character of the area;

  2. Floating mobile pump-out facility for houseboats, to be moored off Boreen Point—Would be an eyesore and potentially hazardous should a malfunction occur; and

  3. Boat ramp at Dunn’s Beach—Unsuitable location given the shallowness of the water, lack of appropriate vehicle access and encroachment on the camping ground.



  • 1 Laguna Street Boreen Point residential/commercial development proposal (cont.)

Community views and a long list of concerns were submitted to Council and ongoing changes to the application were monitored. Feedback from CCA and other local groups and individuals resulted in the retail proposal later being withdrawn.

  • Draft Noosa Plan
    CCA reviewed the plan, called a special meeting to provide a forum for discussion of its contents, and submitted feedback and recommendations on behalf of the community

  • Foreshore Management Plan

CCA concurred with the view that existing mature exotic pines be retained until they die or until suitable replacements are established adjacent to them.

  • Sport and Recreation Draft Plan

The Association supported upgrade of Buffalo Park to include a playground suitable for 2-5 year olds. CCA also noted the omission of planned skate facility for Boreen Point youth.

  • Local issues
    CCA continued to monitor developments in relation to issues already put to Council e.g. boat ramp and toilet facilities

  • Council amalgamation
    CCA alerted the community to the implications of the State Government’s proposed amalgamation of Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra Councils into a larger Sunshine Coast Regional Council. In conjunction with Noosa Residents and Ratepayers Association, members manned election polling booths to help with an anti-amalgamation petition which was signed by almost 80% of voters in the electorate.



  • Titanium Enterprises ‘The Edge Noosa’ resort development proposal
    CCA kept the community informed and canvassed views on a proposal to develop a large tourism resort east of Kin Kin on Dr Pages Road. The proposal included an 18-hole golf course, equestrian facility, a 100-room hotel, 219 units, restaurants, and conference facilities. The company had sought preliminary approval which over-rode the Noosa Planning Scheme and exceeded what was allowed under the SEQ Regional Plan.

  • Tree planting on Lake Cootharaba foreshore

Following removal of unsafe trees at the main beach, Council suggested they be replaced. This generated considerable community discussion about the type of trees that would be suitable given concerns regarding amenity and usage. Melaleucas were planted.

  • Walking Trails

The notion of establishing walking trails around the foreshore ignited differing views across the community. Some people wanted Boreen Point to remain as natural and undeveloped as possible while others could see potential health, economic and social benefits.



  • Titanium Enterprises ‘The Edge Noosa’ proposal (cont.)
    Although there was some support for the scheme’s potential to stimulate the local economy and provide employment, overall, it was opposed by the majority who believed it raised significant environmental concerns. CCA was just one of many groups and individuals who put forward views on the proposal which was ultimately rejected after the State Government intervened. This was a divisive issue which galvanised groups and individuals across the Noosa hinterland.

  • Boreen Point Village Precinct concept (cont.)
    In January 2007, CCA was advised that Noosa Council was prepared to adopt a holistic approach to matters raised in the committee’s earlier submission and would provide opportunities for further input. In May, CCA provided feedback from residents on a range of issues including rationalisation of speed zones; improvements to town entry; installation of bollards on street side of Buffalo Park; camping ground exit, turning area, and improved access to trailer parking; and upgrading of path from camping ground to Apollonian Hotel. 

 * Lake Flat Road
Following a community meeting organised by CCA, Council informed residents that consideration was being given to sealing Lake Flat Road, as far as Kildeys Road. 



  • Boreen Point Campground

In response to suggestions that Council was planning to expand the campground, CCA pressed for a reduction in the number of campsites allowed on the foreshore and offered to work with the caretaker to enhance conditions for flora and fauna.

  • Village Precinct Plan

Finalised plan thus moving closer to implementation.

  • Council Amalgamation

Over a number of years CCA had joined many others in protesting against planned local council reforms. Despite widespread opposition, in 2008 the shires of Noosa, Maroochy and Caloundra merged to become the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

  • Noosa Council Fire Plan

The Association responded to the Council’s proposed fire plan, noting concern at omission of the area north of Boreen Point.

  • Lake Cootharaba Nitrogen Project 2007-2009

Results from water quality testing in the Noosa River raised concerns about nutrient spikes in Lake Cootharaba, one suggestion being that septic outfalls from Boreen Point might be a cause. A comprehensive study was undertaken led by Noosa and District Landcare, in collaboration with Noosa Council, SEQ Catchments, University of the Sunshine Coast and Healthy Waterways. Resident bore owners participated in the data collection and the CCA helped ensure that local knowledge was incorporated into the scientific investigation process.In 2009, the results showed that the spikes were more likely to be a natural process linked to changes in salinity and nutrient cycling between Lake sediments and surface water, rather than septic outfalls.



  • Special Community Meeting Aug 2008

CCA organised a special meeting so residents could meet with their Council representative and discuss community concerns. Issues raised included Noosa Biosphere legislation; review of camping ground foreshore and signage; safety on school bus routes; option of speed limit on Kildeys Road; status of roadworks on Lake Flat Road; and changes to Village Precinct Plan. More than 80 people attended.

  • Ralph and Jean Duffield bench seat.

CCA proposed that Council install a seat on the lake foreshore to honour the contribution to the community of Jean Duffield and her late husband Ralph. Council indicated it was supportive but asked for an alternative design.

  • Village Precinct Plan (ongoing)

Streetscape modified to comply with requirements of Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

The installation of bollards alongside the Boreen Point esplanade proved a contentious aspect of the Village Precinct Plan.After careful consideration of the issues, including strong objections to bollards by some local residents, Council prioritised the use of the beach for families and increasing safety for children, together with protecting the foreshore, over easy access for launching boats.

  • Toilet block day picnic area

Council modifying design to be appropriate for Boreen Point.

  • Lake Flat Road and Kinmond Creek Road proposal
    CCA met with Council regarding the possibility of sealing both roads as part of a five year plan. Advised a further section of Lake Flat Road would be sealed in the coming financial year but that Kinmond Creek Road was of low priority, also that some roads may never be sealed.



  • Kin Kin Quarry extension
    CCA supported objections raised by the Kin Kin Community Group in relation to the development of a mega quarry on land off Shepherdsons Lane at Kin Kin. CCA kept its community updated and wrote to Sunshine Coast Regional Council expressing serious concerns over its approval for the expansion and disregard of community views.

  • Picnic tables on Boreen Point foreshore
    CCA requested upgrade in time for Floating Lands Festival.  Council advised that Mayor Bob Abbot’s unallocated money left in budget would be used to replace and add to existing picnic tables.

  • Ralph and Jean Duffield bench seat
    CCA applied to Sunshine Coast Regional Council for funding for the seat which was subsequently erected beside the path leading to the main jetty.



  • The Jetty and its future

Over time the structure of the jetty just north of Main Beach had become unsafe with five of the six piles having broken away at lake bed level. Following major flooding, further deterioration occurred and access to the jetty was prohibited. CCA contacted Council regarding action it was planning to take. In April 2011, SCRC advised that jetty was beyond repair and would be removed by the Dept of Transport and Main Roads. Council also said the Dept was encouraging it to submit a proposal to build a floating walkway to be situated alongside the boat ramp.

  • Kinaba Information Centre (est. 1978)

It was more than a decade since the information centre at the northern end of Lake
Cootharaba had been permanently staffed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Its future was looking uncertain and a private enterprise company was showing interest in securing commercial access. Through its communication and distribution network, CCA helped raise community awareness of the state of the building and publicised a meeting to gauge interest in the formation of a volunteer group to be responsible for it. Subsequently the came into being with the aim of working in partnership with the Qld Government to revitalise and maintain the centre and promote the environmental values it represents.

  • Camping at Hatch’s Bight

After people were observed camping on the beach, CCA asked Council install new ‘No Camping’ and ‘No Fires’ signs at the Bight and at the entrance to it on Lake Flat Road.

  • Council de-amalgamation

CCA kept residents informed on moves by the Noosa community to separate from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. De-amalgamation occurred following a referendum in March 2013 at which more than 80% of Noosa residents voted in the affirmative.

  • Kite surfing tender for commercial operator

CCA registered disappointment that the community was not consulted prior to tenders being called by Council for commercial operators to run kite surfing lessons at Dunn’s Beach. It raised objections and concerns regarding safety, parking, toilet facilities, environmental impact on the nature reserve, and monitoring of compliance with contract conditions.



  • Fire brigade and shed

CCA contacted the Dept of Community Safety asking for a fire fighting appliance to be returned to the Boreen Point Fire Shed. It pointed out that while the facility was also used by the State Emergency Services, it was originally built by the community to house fire-fighting equipment for the protection of Boreen Point and surrounding area.

  • Floating pontoon proposal

The proposal to replace the old jetty with a floating pontoon proved to be divisive. Heated arguments for and against continued until September, when the concept was rejected and Council was asked to propose a more appropriate alternative.

  • Helicopter noise and use of Tewah Aircraft Landing Ground

Another issue that stimulated vigorous discussion within CCA and the Cootharaba community was the noise created day and night by helicopters owned by a commercial training company. They were using a landing ground at Tewah on the eastern side of the lake, which many believed was for recreational use only. Despite complaints being made across the length of the Sunshine Coast it would take some time for the issue to be resolved.


  • Roberts House

Since its inception CCA had held all of its meetings at Roberts House. At the end of 2012, the Anglican Church informed the group that for financial and other reasons it had decided to sell the property but wished to give it time to consider how it might save the building for community use.

  • Special General Meeting Mar 2013

In March 2013 in response to a request from the Council representative, CCA called a special meeting to discuss a proposal by commercial tour operators to have a dredging operation carried out at Kinaba to facilitate northern access to the river. The proposal involved the tour operator contributing $20,000 with local and state governments paying the balance, estimated at around $50,000. Prior to the meeting a questionnaire was circulated to gauge community views on issues arising from the proposal. Ultimately, the dredging did not proceed.

  • Viewing platform

As an alternative to the controversial floating pontoon, the Council put forward plans for a viewing platform at the site of the old jetty. After this option had been favourably received by the local community, plans were submitted to the Dept of Environment and Resource Management, approved and returned to the Council to call tenders for the construction.

  • Hinterland Noosa Alliance
    CCA joined a new umbrella group which positioned itself as an advocate for major issues with implications for the Noosa Hinterland region.



  • Viewing platform

Constructed with funds allocated by Bob Abbot at the end of his term as Mayor of the SCRC, the viewing platform was formally opened on 11 October 2013 at a lakeside ceremony jointly convened by the Council and CCA.

  • Roberts House
    Unfortunately efforts to secure Roberts House for the use of the community were unsuccessful.

  • Incorporation
    The Roberts House matter prompted CCA to reconsider the option of incorporation; however, as had happened previously, the difficulty of mustering 75% of the widespread membership to vote to change the constitution meant the status quo was maintained.

  • Community questionnaire
    Prior to local council elections, CCA conducted and collated the results of a survey of community concerns, for the enlightenment of potential candidates. Among the matters raised were services such as the flexilink taxi, rubbish tip hours and reinstatement of the kerbside clean-up; impact of Kin Kin quarry; and development issues such as zoning, and building heights and density.

  • Trial of ‘Dogs on Application’ at Boreen Point Campground

Following a decision by Council to conduct a trial allowing campground clients to bring their dogs, Cootharaba residents raised environmental and social concerns.Local dog owners were confused about the differing sets of rules. CCA helped clarify the arrangements.

  • Helicopter noise

After ongoing complaints about helicopter noise and commercial use of Tewah Aircraft Landing Ground, the State Government identified alternative less-populated areas where the training exercises could take place.



  • Tennis court and skate park

Council removed both for safety reasons and after consultation with CCA and others decided not to replace them but return the area to public green space.

  • Hatch’s Bight gate vandalised and lock removed
    CCA requested that Council install a more substantial gate and consider moving it further down the track and clearing a space to enable nose-in parking of several vehicles.

  • Mobile phone coverage
    CCA drew Council’s attention to mobile black spots in the Boreen Point-Cootharaba area, noting that as large sections have little or no coverage this presents serious problems for individuals and businesses, also for services such as the Rural Fire Brigade. Council proposed that Telcos be encouraged to use the National Broadband Network towers and asked CCA for a letter of support for Commonwealth and State funding.

  • McKinnon Drive-Louis Bazzo Drive intersection

In response to safety concerns raised by CCA, the Dept Transport and Main Roads upgraded signage on the curved approach to the intersection.

  • Dogs questionnaire
    After receiving a number of complaints regarding dogs in Boreen Point, Noosa Council requested that CCA ask the community a series of set questions and advise them of the findings. The issue was controversial, aroused many emotionally charged responses and was time consuming for CCA members who ultimately had very little to show for their efforts.



  • Boat Ramp Upgrade – Completed with better parking for cars and trailers without damaging the foreshore vegetation.

  • Changing of the Guard – Secretarial Role - Settling in period for Di Elsworth.

  • History Project – Sylvia Bannah, Angela Bryan and Di Elsworth – Angela update the meeting as to what Sylvia had achieved to date.


  • New signage regarding dogs along Dunne’s Beach and camping grounds

  • Hatch’s Bight Gate

  • Replacement of She-Oak on foreshore

  • Pursuing the Sealing of Etowah Street

  • Duffield’s plaque repair

  • Ex- Caretaker’s Hut sought for community use.

  • Collated factual information for the distribution to members and community regarding Application for the Change to Fish Habitat at Elanda Point.

  • Responded to the State on behalf of our Membership in respect to the Discovery Group Application.

  • Keith Pugh’s Passing – 20 August 2016                  

  • Remembrance of Keith’s huge contribution to the CCA and this Community generally.

  • CCA History prepared by Sylvia Banner and Angela Bryan dedicated to Keith Pugh.



  • Our Council continued to join us with representation at our meetings to listen to the Communities concerns. Our last Meet & Greet coincided with Remembrance Day, however Brian Stockwell still managed to make the time.

  • Continue to follow up key issues with elected politicians on the Eco Camp Discovery proposal. Sandy Bolton can give us an update at the AGM.

  • Coal Seam Gas Lease concerns pursued and Sandy Bolton provided feedback at the AGM.

  • Our major success was the incorporation of the CCA. This had been a very difficult thing to achieve over the past 15 years since the proposal was first put.

  • Council approval to erect a plaque in salute to Keith Pugh for his tireless efforts to this community.



  • Seeking approval or feedback for the New Noosa Plan. (We only have til 20th May!)

  • Questionnaire for CRC Cootharaba Recreation Centre following the 29 Nov meeting with Tony Wellington

  • (State Member) Sandy Bolton attendance– last AGM

  • Mayor (Tony Wellington), Noosa Councillors (Frank Pardon, Ingrid Jackson and Brian Stockwell)

at February GM this year.

  • Discovery Group denied access to Fish Habitat – long drawn out process,

  • Members attendances at Noosa Council (Brian Stockwell) – Environment Strategy – Focus Group Workshops – Biodiversity, Waterways and Sustainable Living. Rhonda Killeen, Anne Gunn, Charlie Charlesworth and Robin Salmon all attended various days. Thank you!  (Need more volunteers to attend and report back to meeting as Executive members are not always available and the importance of CCA name being seen out ‘there’.)

  • Newly refurbished community notice board – Thanks to Doug Straker (CCA & Bush Care) – costs absorbed by CCA along with generous donation from Robert Killeen).

  • General follow ups throughout the year to Noosa Council – trees dying and the use of the camping ground areas by campers, on-going quest for sealing of Tewah St, upgrade of footpath/verge Lake Flat Road to Woongar and more regular mowing for safety of all walkers, vegetation queries  (new building allotments) etc

  • Keith Pugh plaque installed.



  • Sealing of Tewah St

  • Research, Local issues for Submission to the New Noosa Plan – short Stay etc effect on rentals etc

  • Sunshine Coast Airport new runway – Submission to AirServices and registered to receive any updates regarding the second runway operation.

  • Visits by both Tony Wellington and Sandy Bolton at February 2020 GM;

    • Some of their topics:

    • Containers for Cash (Wine bottles

    • Louis Bazzo Bridge

    • Cooloola Great Walk

    • Fish Task Force

    • River Management

    • Feedback from Fires Review (still to come

    • Library Bus ‘alternative’

    • Tewah St sealing and many others

  • Bushfires Nov 2018; GM postponed due to threat, resources engaged with RFS.

  • Community concerns then focused on need for Disaster Management Plan.

    • The birth of our Disaster Management Planning focus

  • Community Recreation Centre (CRC) update

    • Community Survey results reported indicating reasonable support to continue assessment and review with Noosa Council indicated single entity/organization; ensure no competition with Pomona, research other groups learnings, uses and function to be considered. Will require developing a business plan and keep it low maintenance.



  • Main demands on the Management Committee were;

    • ASA Maroochydore Airport Flight Path Changes

      • Having CCA recognised as a Community to be considered in the Post Implementation Review

      • Terms of Reference Reviews x 3 and Submissions.

      • Community Engagement Process x 2 Submissions.

    •  Disaster Management Plan for Cootharaba; coordination with Noosa Council (NC)

    • Set up and conduct meeting with Mayor Clare Stewart and Councillors at GM Feb 21